BUBALUS is one of the famous brand of Guangzhou HEDY Electronic Technology Co., LTD. The company has its own professional Company Case factory, Power Supply factory as well as hardware factory with total employees more than 700 person.

Meanwhile, the company also has many brother factories, such as, Computer factory, Digital factory, Mold factory, Injection molding factory, Spraying factory, Converter factory and so on. Every factory imported a large number of advanced technology and equipment and that makes BUBALUS get the vertical integration ability of the computer and peripheral products and mobile communication product.

The Power Supply factory has the complete production capability. The “BUBALUS” power supply  all passed strict quality inspection and 100% of aging examination. All power supplies passed 3C Certificate and most of them can reach 80 plus medals and are CE ROHS compatible.

The Computer Case factory possesses complete chassis manufacturing capacity from metal stamping, coating, to the assembly , it provide the good quality computer case with fast delivery time.

The Digital factory invested 18 mobile phone production assembly lines including 8 investment purchase of SMT production lines and with the production capacity of 8 million units per year.

The Mold factory has mould design, development and excellent maintenance technology.

BUBALUS has 18years professional experience of manufacturing Computer case and power supply as well as computer accessories. Every single product should pass dozens of testing procedures before packing and selling which contains appearance checking, thickness checking, salt-mist test, impact resistance and shock resistance test.

With the extremely strict quality inspection procedures and self-check program, we only provide the best quality products to our customers.

BUBALUS receives: Because the focus, so we professional!



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